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Spiritual problems can only be resolved with spiritual solutions. An example of this is that the recent global financial meltdown had spiritual problems like exploitation and greed as the root cause on both sides of the equation, both borrowers and lenders. Without those spiritual issues being addressed, individuals taking responsibility for their own contribution to the mess, and resolving to make amends there is no resolution possible and the suffering intensifies in order for the underlying spiritual issues to be dealt with. It is my opinion that the tendency to ignore spiritual problems is at the root of the most serious challenges that threaten the survival of mankind. These include global climate change, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and terrorism in the name of religion, and a capitalist model for economics that is so exploitive that it is ultimately unsustainable.

I feel that these problems are bigger than any that have ever challenged humanity in recorded history simply because of the sheer numbers of people that contribute to these problems is so much larger than any time in history that to change things requires changing the thinking of that many more people. Considering these things has led me to the conclusion that the only way to get so many people to change themselves and the way that they relate to the planet and each other is by humanity as a whole becoming more spiritual in its approach to life. The only way that this is feasible is for true Spiritual Teachers to become prominent throughout the entire world. This blog is therefore an exploration of what that means and how it can be achieved.

I welcome all comments from those that wish to engage in this discussion. I will however delete any and all comments that engage in name calling.

It’s not the life that matters, but the courage we bring to it.


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