What God Isn’t

Posted on January 26, 2011. Filed under: How Spirituality Works |

We live in a perpetual experience of infinity. Each moment is a new event. There has never been another moment exactly like this one. We have never had the experience that we are having right now, in this moment, before. The experience of this moment, that we are having right now, will never be repeated, because every moment of our future will be different than everything that has preceded it. Every moment provides us with newness of depth, texture, complexity of subtlety. So therefore life provides us with constant discovery because the newness of each moment means that our experience of life is that it is beyond our expectation, continually, forever, without end.

Not only  is this moment a new experience for all of us, but it is new in a different way to each of us. Even though we each experience this now in a way that we never have before, we also experience it with an awareness that is different than any other. We each experience what is, now, uniquely. Not only is each moment unique, each experience of the moment is unique to each that shares the experience.

Not only do we each experience life as an eternal stream of subtle (and not so subtle) newness and discovery, everyone around us is continually having their own version of this in their own unique way. So that right now in this precise moment each individual is having their own personal experience of now in a way that is different from that experienced by anyone else.

AND not only is this moment being spontaneously experienced by each of us in a new way that is different than the way that anyone else is affected now, we are also experiencing our awareness in a way that has never been before because there has never been anyone exactly like any one of us before. So not only is this moment always an experience new to ourselves and everyone around us, it is new beyond what has ever been experienced in life before.

This continual flow of newness is not limited to ourselves as humans, it includes all life. All creatures, trees, grass, even bacteria all share in and are part of this perpetual uniqueness of experience. And because of this there is always unpredictability in every experience. We can only predict what we know. We can never predict what is unknown to us. This means that because each moment contains unique newness simultaneously for all life,  life always, continuously, presents an unexpected factor to all life.

Others have sat in a chair and gazed at a tree growing outside their windows. But no one, not even ourselves, have sat in sat in this exact chair at this precise moment of the chair’s existence and looked at this particular tree in this moment of its stage of growth and life cycle. Even the trillions of cells that make up the physical body that encapsulates us and the tree are different in this moment than they have ever been before or will ever be again.

Even the photons of light that we experience as we look at the tree are a new configuration of energy than has ever been before. Most of those photons were produced in the Sun as a product of its nuclear fusion inside its core. What we perceive as light was produced as atoms, each unique unto themselves, combine and give off and absorb energy so that the ever changing atoms are always different, and the photons of light are ever changing and being recreated. This is happening so intensely that it takes more than 100,000 years for the photon energy that is produced at the Sun’s core to reach its surface. The tree we are seeing is an experience of light that has been forming for longer than our concept of humanity.

There is no end to the expansion of our awareness of this. It is beyond our ability to conceive it. It is also forever beyond our ability to predict, manipulate or control just as each of us is beyond anyone’s ability to predict, manipulate or control. This truth is the source of eternal conflict within ourselves because we forever desire to predict, manipulate and control everything, including God. Of course this produces conflict.

Instead of accepting that the infinite creativity that we experience as this, the eternal flow of now that is the ever-present manifestation and experience of the infinite, which is God, we invent our own images of something that is not part of the reality. We form these images according to our limited thoughts and concepts and call that God. We do not even have words to adequately describe the experience of looking out our window at a tree, yet we presume the ability to convey an image of that which is infinitely infinite beyond the concept of any consciousness. Imposing these images onto reality as religions do by purporting to accurately convey God is an insult to all creation.

As we understand this internal conflict the question arises as to whether we will choose to maintain our religions with their disdain for the spontaneous experience of reality, in favor of the fantasy of controlling that which is beyond any limitation and call that God, or to humble ourselves and choose spirituality and become still enough to develop an appreciation and understanding of the flow of consciousness and experience of God.


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