Sacred Space Courses

All Sacred Space courses are taught by Jagatguru Singh Khalsa. The  time it takes a person to learn any of these concepts varies, and like anything else, students get out what they put in. Our courses are structured as lifetime memberships. Therefore, you pay for a course once, and then can attend it as many times as you want without being charged again. Also, once you pay for a course you are free to attend the beginner seminars at no extra charge.

Stilling the Mind

Stilling the mind is the first step in the journey of learning to meditate. Unlike what most people believe, the process of stilling the mind is one of heightened consciousness rather than of unconscious deep sleep. The senses awaken as the mind becomes still. The first glimpse of deep peace is possible in this state, and the experience of the sensitive space is one that students never forget.


After learning to still the mind, students are ready to learn knowing. Knowing is the intermediate level of learning meditation. At this level, students begin to gain awareness of how accessing the stillness and humbling oneself to the reality of the moment leads to the experience of the soul and peace in life.


This advanced course is for those who have reached proficiency in both Stilling the Mind and Knowing. Integration teaches students to access the meditative process in every facet of life. Interconnectedness is already apparent to the advanced student, and can be used to live peacefully in the now at all times.

Each course is $400 with a $50 discount for paying in full up front. We strongly encourage students to pay up front. This serves as an incentive to finish the course. It is difficult to stick with self-reflective practices. Putting forth an initial investment makes the pull to finish much stronger. However, we do also offer payment plans.

Contact Bibi Estlund for more information.


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